@Chicago_Reader Reports On RealShoreDrive Vs ___ShoreDrive

Where there is Fake there will always be Real. This Whole so called Beef with you Know Who is Funny and no wack MC Battle will determine who is the better blog. ___Shoredrive was never mentioned here for a reason yet we are their HotTopic on Twitter. This site was not created to attack anyone in Chicago. If they feel that way they did it to themselves with all that fakery. We believe Everyone deserves an equal Chance & We won’t Be the one’s to crush their dreams by ignoring their submissions and tweets while continuously posting multiple videos of other entertainers as if they are any better. If They were real from the start they wouldn’t feel a Victim. We do Chicago over here the way we see fit. If someone submits 9 times out of 10 they will be posted. We believe in supporting our Chicago entertainers who take their valuable time out to create entertainment in our city. Peace to All Sites who unbiasedly allow Chicago artist to Shine. Ain’t No I In We. Chicago Loves You -RealShoreDrive

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Chicago gets an Earthquake just hours after Nuclear plant issues.


SOMETHING is going on in North Illinois — Northwest of Chicago — first , yesterday (Jan 30, 2012)… the Nuclear power plant northwest of Chicago experienced an event — the reactor suddenly lost power — and vented RADIOACTIVE STEAM into the air — which blew down into Chicago .

Move forward 12 hours — and now we see an EARTHQUAKE also happen to the northwest of Chicago.

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