Positive Message from Chicago Hip Hop Artist @REGGIEHOOD ft Keli B Move On #ReTweet!

A product of Chicago’s Westside streets, Reggie Hood sheds his pain in his true story with the help of Keli B… chicago24n-12-web …hopefully for others to learn from. Move On.

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@TheRealScottEmo Please Meet: Dan Linn Fighting for #MedicalMarijuana

Until recently, most people I knew did not talk about legalizing medical marijuana. Dan Linn is a full-time advocate to legalize marijuana for medicinal reasons, but his ultimate goal is to legalize herb for good. This is a mainstream, but controversial topic, and Dan is on the forefront pursuing his passion and belief in the cause. The interview is not based on legalizing pot for me, it’s bigger than that. He is working towards an end goal of something he truly believes in, without some sort of compensation involved for him.

Please Meet is a short video documentary series. The concept of this series is to interview unique individuals that inspire thought, creativity, action, etc. The influencers who are interviewed range from celebrities to a guy selling Streetwise in the freezing cold in Chicago. Everyone has a story, a dream and I want to share their stories with you through my lens.

Creator/Producer/Host/Editor: Scott Emalfarb
Creative Director/Camera/Audio: Lindsay Emalfarb