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Top 20 Mixtape dj’s in chicago

So we been getting a lot of hate ever since we been posting this list.  All we have to say is work harder, and to calm down some of that hate we will make this list only for the mixtape djs.  Around about February is when we will release another top 20 chicago djs list. We will not tell you how to get on this list just keep doing you, hey you never know somebody might be in the club watching your every move. One last thing I repeat if you are not a mixtape dj then please for crying out loud shut the fuck!!!!!


1. Dj VdUB
2. Dj slugo
3. DJ Sean Mac
4. Dj Citi
5. Dj Hustlenomics
6. Dj T- Rell
7.Dj smoke
8. Dj Big Pat
9.Dj Hb smooth

10.Dj Jt Da don
11.Dj Victoriouz
12.D.j. 1hunnit
13. D.j. Pharris
14.D.j. Louie’v
15.Dj Shon
16 D.j. Nero
17. DJ legacy
18  Dj Amaris
19.Dj Chosen
20.Dj Moon Dawg

How to approach a dj with your music.

             APPROACHING A DJ

So I have decided to write a whole article, page, blog, or whatever you want to call it, on how to approach a dj. Some of you artist need to learn the rules of etiquette when approaching a dj. I have notice and am pretty sure other djs have notice and experience what I’m about to say. Most of the time when a artist trys to get a dj to play they music they just slam it in the djs face. Whether over facebook, twitter, or in plain person. And have that attitude like us dj’s owe you shit and we got to play your shit. I remember a few times in the past where a few artist just would slam their links in my twitter mentions with no form of introduction. So of course I did like most people or dj’s would do I ignored it like I never seen it. Keep in mind I play mostly R&b and juke or industry terms edm, I do play rap if its really good. I have a twitter bio that each person can read it’s there for a reason. If artist would sitdown and take the time to read each dj’s twitter bio or facebook bio or whatever, they would know what kind of music this dj plays. At least do research on the dj to see if this dj even plays your genre, it makes perfect sense. Lets be honest here you wouldn’t go to the dentist to get your eyes checked would you? You would go to the Ophthalmologist for that. The same goes for giving your music to a dj, if you give your rap music to a dj that plays nothing but rock or all electronic music what can that dj possibly do with your song, besides maybe remix  a few words, but you as artist dont want that you want your music heard.  So that’s why its so important to know what type of dj you are giving your music to, instead of just slamming it in every dj face, then getting mad when you get no response. So I have decided to write a guide on how to approach a dj, I call it proper music etiquette.

                   Research the dj

Its a lot of time artist will give their music to the wrong dj. Thats why you should get on google and see what does this dj you are tweeting or on facebook with does, and what can they do for you.

You should find the dj’s latest mix-tapes, etc, read his or her twitter bio, remember its their for a reason.If the dj name actually pop up in the search engine with out you typing the rest. Stuff like that, you should try and find the djs that specialized in your genre.

Because if you are on twitter all dam day and facebook just getting thirsty cuz you see the word dj and giving them your music then you messing up badly. Because 9’s outta of 10 that dj will never play your music or he or she wont be able to do anything with your music.

               Introducing yourself

I know this might sound dumb as hell, but its a lot of artist that dont know how to properly introduce themselves to dj’s. The first thing you want to do after you done read the dj’s bio etc, is start by introducing yourself. Instead of just slamming it in their face saying new song, or just posting the link or sending it or just giving the cd to them. Introduce yourself if you see this dj eye to eye then briefly tell them your proper artist name (believe me artist will walk up to a dj and just give them a cd and the dj dont know the artist name. So they throw the cd away). Tell them about the song you giving to them and why they should play. Hell maybe what inspired  you to write it. Dont just say oh this the hottest record out yattta yatta , all of us dj’s done heard that shit before. (we done heard, this the hottest record, you need to play this asap, this gone get the crowd moving, it will make your mixtape do numbers etc). Then ask this dj does he play your specific genre, makes a lot of sense. Remember their are dj’s out here that just play nothing but eletronic or just cater to one whole market and its bridges. And exchange information with this dj, whether its a number, twitter, etc.

How to introduce your self to a dj online twitter, etc. Same formula, but if you online with a dj then you should already know what they can and can not do, and what genres they play. Thats why its so many djs that ignore artist on the regular. Because its not to many bright artist that know how to approach us. On twitter 9’s outta of 10 the dj has a bio read that, hell even study his tweets for a while before you hit him up. Introduce yourself to the dj on twitter or facebook, explain to them you would like for them to check out your new single for feedback and if you like it can you please play it. Or better yet introduce yourself  and ask does the dj has time to talk for a few moments. Dont just slam your way into throwing your music into their face they get that shit all day long. Ease your way into it tell them about yourself and the single you trying to get pushed and why it should be pushed.  I promise you if i seen a artist saying a intro I would listen why because he is not forcing his single down my throat.

          Proper tagging your songs

Now for some true etiquette for your ass. If you send the dj your single after you done introduced your self and etc, please make sure everything is tagged correctly. I cant stand when a artist just send me the title of the song and no artist title. This is the proper way  to do it. Artist name – song name. Or you could watch my video about that.

That video will show you how to properly tag your songs in itunes, even put the meta data.

Meta data = Music metadata, which is also commonly referred to as ID3 metadata, is the information embedded in an audio file that is used to describe certain attributes about its audio contents. This data which is in most (if not all) of the files in your digital music library, can be used by a wide range of consumer electronic devices and software programs. The most common reason for using embedded metadata in a digital audio file is for identification purposes. The details of a song for example can be displayed during playback to make it easy for you to identify it.  source

And even in the email put your bio to if thats the first time you ever sent your song to the dj. And put a little about the song to, you only have to do that one time when you sending to that dj.

                     Learn to read

I dont know how much I gotta stress this but learn to readddd!!!!!

why I say this because to many artist make major mistakes this way and some important ass shit could be right their in front of them but because they being lazy they wont read it. Besides reading just help’s a lot. As a artist if you know what this dj does then you will be better off.

                        Dont get mad

Dont get mad at the dj, if he doesn’t like the record , live with it.

I can almost guarantee you if dj’s could really tell every major artist about their music today, then all this trash music wouldn’t be out believe that. Now just because one dj says your shit is trash or they not playing it dont mean the next one gone think the same, as a rule of thumb get 3 dj’s feedback on your music. If they all pretty much saying the same shit. Then change your record or either scrap the project altogether. Besides almost all record pools ask for feed back on a track anyways. I know digiwaxx does it and many other record pools does it. Its not to hurt you as a artist its to help build you. Check your attitude at  the door to because you can really fuck your self up if you piss off the wrong dj. Yea you artist holla about yall dont need djs this that and the third but I can almost gurantee you if you piss off the wrong dj that dj can tell other djs not to fuck with you. Thats not a good look so always be respectful to dj’s especially the ones thats giving you their time when they could be doing something more important.

                   Thanking the dj

This one gone be short and probably  stupid to. But thank the dj for their time because they didnt have to give you time at all. Its important because that will make the dj wanna keep working with you the next time you have something to give them.


Thats pretty much it, if you as a artist follow these rules you will be straight. If any other djs got some steps or pointers etc then leave your comments below.

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Chicago offical top 20 dj list ( spring edition)

This list is a mixture of radio djs, and mixtape djs, club djs etc thats holding up their wait congrats to you.

1. Dj VdUB
2. Dj slugo
3. DJ Pharris
4. Dj Citi
5. Dj T-Rell
6. Dj Amaris
7.Dj smoke
8. dj dimepiece
9.Dj big pat

10.Dj Hustlenomics
11.Dj Victoriouz
12.Dj Reese
13.Dj hb smooth
14.D.j. Louie’v
15.Dj nurotic
16 D.j. 1hunnit
17.Dj twin
18 Dj Jt Da Don
19.Dj Chosen
20.Dj Moon Dawg