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Top 15 Chicago artist @dreezydreezy @iamyoungchitown

We decided to release a Top 15 Chicago artist list. This is a official list and we watched who is grinding from the top to the bottom. This is the only list in Chicago that will tell you who is really grinding and who aint.So if your name isn’t on this list then  you must not be grinding hard enough.

1. Famous Dex
2. Dreezy
3. Lil herb
4. Lil bibby
5. King Louie
7. 600 Breezy
8. Lil Durk
9. Ebone hoodrich
10. Montana 300
11. Sasha Go Hard
12. Nikko
13. Billionaire Black
14. Lil Mister
15. Young Chitown


Exclusive Interview of Dj HB Smooth for [Realshore drive xclusive]

We emailed HB Smooth to see if he wanted to do a exclusive interview for realshore drive and to our surprise  we got a response. So we emailed him over some questions and here is what he had to say.


So Dj Hb Smooth what have you been up to ??
Promoting my current mixtapes, and trying to get back in every single one of my fans timelines. Its really hard to do so.

Yea I noticed that, you aren’t popping up as much as usual in people’s timelines care to explain??
Well lets put it this way a link that was shared on my page by a editor was flagged as inappropriate. For a few days I didn’t see anything happened at first.A week later I was looking at my page dropping rapidly.
If you driving a car you need steering. Well put it like this I was able to steer my page in which direction I wanted it to go. Well I couldn’t steer myself out of the gigantic drop.For 2 weeks my numbers was getting lower and lower.

Around in june your page got hacked, how did that make you feel?

I was furious, it took me almost 4 weeks to get my page back. I was trying everything to reach out to Facebook but they wouldn’t respond to none of my emails until I started writing paragraphs. 3 weeks passed and I was given my page back.
But it was still messed up from the last time, its like Facebook had put a wall over my page.

Would you say this had a huge effect on your career and success?
Of course not,honestly I feel as if I haven’t even reached the peak of my success yet. Yea I scratched the surface but I’m still on the rise. Maybe when I see my first tv interview, or when I’m in my first movie I will think different.

What are your plans with audiomack I see you was recently verified on it and already sitting at 700 followers?
Well what I always do, try and take over the world, naw lol, honestly I’m just trying to break more music.You know feed people good music piece by piece and gain more fans. You know release one of my juke songs on there, since
I’m no longer on sound-cloud. Just change the world in music you know.

Do you still make juke tracks, the last Juke track I remember from you was Tink- Treat me like somebody juke (remix)?
Yea every now and then. Honestly I loved that Tink treat me like somebody remix and the Trey Songz making love faces remix. I guess you can say I’m trying to make time for it because no lie I would really love to be a juke tour dj that seems really fun. You know just watching a few of the juke / footwork dj’s like Dj Spinn, Traxxman, Dj Earl etc. Watching them post up there tour schedule makes me proud. Knowing that the world is opening up its arms to juke music.

With you having almost 600k fans how exactly does that make you feel??
Well honestly its really not very surprising to me. I get hyped about it every day I wake up seeing that I have that many fans watching me. Its like I almost have my own kingdom except for full of my fans who enjoy watching my moves or post.

On to another topic what exactly do you do in your spare time when you not on the clock?
Well I like to refresh my brain so I start watching tv. One of the newest tv’s shows I just got hooked to was Empire, yea I know I’m late as hell lol. Another show I like to watch is Hero’s Reborn in my spare time. I’m thinking maybe when I need some extended spare time I will get caught up on Once upon Time. Going to the gym is another past time for me if I could I would stay in the gym like it was a 9 to 5. Hopefully one day I can put my own gym in my house so when I need to refresh my brain I can just go to the gym in my house and work out.

What do you have coming up??
I have a few mixtapes dropping real soon like College freak 33

Do you think you have a lot of haters at this point??
No way, if I do they secretly hating because I try to be cool with everyone even my enemies.

Alright HB smooth what is a contact on you so if someone wants to reach out and work with you?
You can hit me on my twitter @djhbsmooth  or just email me I generally respond back to all emails.

Top 20 mixtape dj’s in chicago 2015 Spring

Good work on breaking Chicago artist for this season. We seen who was breaking artist and who wasn’t.

~~ Chitown Crazy~~

1. Dj Hb Smooth
2. Dj slugo
3. Dj Citi
4. DJ T-Rell
5. Dj Victoriouz
6. Dj Jt Da Don
7.Dj Sean Mac
8. Dj Big Pat
9.Dj Amaris

10.Dj Reese
11. Dj Twin
12.Dj Vdub
13. Dj Koolant
14.D.j. Louie’v
15.Dj Shon
16 D.j. Nero
17. DJ legacy
18  Dj Pound4pound
19.Dj Chosen
20.Dj MoonDog

Top 20 Mixtape djs in chicago @djamaris1 @djslugomusic

Good work on breaking Chicago artist. Next we will see who is breaking artist in clubs, and yes we have been doing a lot of clubbing we just didnt announce we was in the building.

1. Dj Amaris
2. Dj slugo
3. Dj Citi
4. DJ T-Rell
5. Dj Victoriouz
6. Dj Vdub
7.Dj Sean Mac
8. Dj Big Pat
9.Dj Hb Smooth

10.Dj Reese
11Dj Twin
12.D.j. 1hunnit
13. Dj Koolant
14.D.j. Louie’v
15.Dj Shon
16 D.j. Nero
17. DJ legacy
18 Dj MoonDawg
19.Dj Chosen
20.Dj Fatz