Month: August 2015



Number 1 Billboard Recording Artist DJ D-Man has come back to the scene to save his city musically with a different approach on the violence.This is a song that will have you rocking & thinking at the same time. Pay very close attention to every word from beginning to the end. Also a message at the end of thIs video. (SAVE THE CITY)

#ChokeOnThat Reloaded Official Trailer

CHOKE ON THAT: RELOADED is uncensored, uncut, controversial sketch comedy. “CHOKE ON THAT: RELOADED is the follow up to the 2013 series Choke On That. CHOKE ON THAT: RELOADED is a culmination of sketches such as the hilarious prank show “You’ve Been Sh***ed On”, Man Laws, Club Etiquette, Drink Responsibly PSA’s to name a few CHOKE ON THAT RELOADED is in your face, jaw dropping, sketch comedy which is guaranteed to bring more laugh out loud moments then any sketch comedy series of its kind.11107173_10206908621584153_3567093676491581056_n