@JayDavistp Exclusive Interview on @Realshoredrive


Real Shore Drive had a chance to chop it up with writer/producer Jay Davis.

RSD: Jay how’s everything been bro?

Jay: Everything is great just enjoying life.  I just wrapped up my third feature film entitled Not Another Zombie Movie, and it is on the cutting room floor getting edited right now.

RSD: So when will it be released?

Jay: Early 2015.  We haven’t set a date yet because we are still in the editing process.

RSD: When you say WE, who exactly are you referring to?

Jay: Donte “Diesel” Williams.  He is the director and Cinematographer on this project.  Me and him have been working together for about 2 years now, and he has taken my vision to the next level with his camera work.

RSD: No doubt.  We have been following your work for some time now.  How is this project different from any of your previous work?

Jay: From what I have seen so far, I have enjoyed watching myself on camera (lol). What I mean is that In everything that I have done I would say I only liked about 50% of it.  I’m really hard on myself and I always find myself saying “I should of said this or I should of said that.”  With this project I was allot more focused on the way I delivered my lines.  Also we had an awesome cast in this movie.  Will Cummings III, Steve Price, David Perry, and Harold Dennis did a phenomenal job.  We also had some super talented Chicago comedians Calvin Evans, Brian “Da Wildcat” Smith and Comedian Spidah who all did their thing in this movie.  We had some many other actors who also were incredible.


RSD: Nowadays everyone is doing zombie movies.  What makes NAZM any different from the rest?

Jay: It’s a different spin on the zombie movies.  We are taking ordinary people and putting them in an extraordinary situation.  If there ever was a real zombie apocalypses, you’re going to find out that everyone is not a hero.  There is no such thing as a hero, when zombies are trying to bite your face off.

RSD: Choke On That.  Are you going to release another sketch DVD like that anytime soon?  The reason That I ask is because everyone I have shown this DVD to has said nothing but good things.  The two things that I hear the most is “Why isn’t this guy on TV yet, and when is the next one coming out?


Jay: Thanks bro.  Actually me and Diesel have allot of unreleased material as well as performances in the vault.  At least 10 new sketches and 7 live performances.  We are going to release a few before the movie premiere and hopefully put together another version Choke On That.

RSD: Ok I have to ask you this.  I see you teamed up with your boy Black Jack for this movie as well.  You two had great chemistry in Shots Fired.  Will we see the same type of stuff with you two in this film?

Jay: first off fuck him ok….I just had to say that because I know he is going to read this. Yeah it’s allot more of us going back and forth in this movie. (lol) Jack is like my big brother.  Allot of our interaction is how we act off camera around each other.  He was also the assistant director of this film, and he did the fight chorography.  He didn’t choreograph any of my scenes, which resulted in me punching several women and children in the face…accidentally….. (lol)

RSD: The boxing glove was crazy.  What’s next for you after this?

Jay: I have a TV pilot I’m working on, as well as 2 other scripts we may film this Spring.

RSD: That’s what’s up.  Jay once again it was a pleasure chopping it up with you. We look forward to the film.

Jay: Thank you guys for always supporting everything that I have done….before I go….Fuck you Jack (lol)



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