Top 20 Mixtape djs in chicago @djamaris1 @djslugomusic

Good work on breaking Chicago artist. Next we will see who is breaking artist in clubs, and yes we have been doing a lot of clubbing we just didnt announce we was in the building.

1. Dj Amaris
2. Dj slugo
3. Dj Citi
4. DJ T-Rell
5. Dj Victoriouz
6. Dj Vdub
7.Dj Sean Mac
8. Dj Big Pat
9.Dj Hb Smooth

10.Dj Reese
11Dj Twin
12.D.j. 1hunnit
13. Dj Koolant
14.D.j. Louie’v
15.Dj Shon
16 D.j. Nero
17. DJ legacy
18 Dj MoonDawg
19.Dj Chosen
20.Dj Fatz



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