@JayDavistp Presents: Y.O.L.O

Y.O.L.O is the 2nd released sketch off of the Choke On That Uncensored sketch comedy DVD.

CHOKE ON THAT is available on Amazon.com. follow the link http://amzn.com/B00DKE7ACE

Y.O.L.O – Written by: @jaydavistp Directed by: @Dieseluno

Starring: @jaydavistp, @CalvinMEvans, @lemslaughter, @Bselfcomedy, @RashidaLucas, @jremy24, @jrivycomedy, @AmarasFab, @ceoofmurkgang, @GlamazonTyomi, @Dani_Fanni_ , Jato Barbee

“CHOKE ON THAT” is uncensored, controversial sketch comedy, straight from the mind of Jay Davis. “CHOKE ON THAT” is a culmination of real life scenarios Jay Davis has experienced over the last two years. Sketches ranging from the hilarious prank show “You’ve Been Shitted On” to different awkward moment situations he has encountered. “CHOKE ON THAT” is in your face, jaw dropping, sketch comedy that is guaranteed to bring more laugh out loud moments then any DVD of its kind.



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