Chicago offical top 20 dj list ( spring edition)

This list is a mixture of radio djs, and mixtape djs, club djs etc thats holding up their wait congrats to you.

1. Dj VdUB
2. Dj slugo
3. DJ Pharris
4. Dj Citi
5. Dj T-Rell
6. Dj Amaris
7.Dj smoke
8. dj dimepiece
9.Dj big pat

10.Dj Hustlenomics
11.Dj Victoriouz
12.Dj Reese
13.Dj hb smooth
14.D.j. Louie’v
15.Dj nurotic
16 D.j. 1hunnit
17.Dj twin
18 Dj Jt Da Don
19.Dj Chosen
20.Dj Moon Dawg



  1. Please excuse my typos but i was typing pissed. Still love my city tho. Lets do less ranking and more working. Look at the assets that you’ve gained from your craft and thats your rank.

  2. How dare y’all ass start some ranking sh*t between Djs!!! Its always an artist or kiss ass blog that what to rank some sh*t according to who’s down with them and say its Chicago’s official list of something. If you don’t have power as a Dj you don’t even rank. For example: Will a major artist visit you at home? How many major record label reps do you have a personal relationship with? How major artist direct phone numbers do have? How many artist can say you made a difference in their career? How many major records have you broken? How many years do you have in the mix game? How many record crates have you carried? How many tours have you been on? How many radio stations did spin been on? How much do you gross yearly from djing? DO HAVE THE BASIC SKILLS OF MIXING/BLENDING? Most of y’all don’t. Pay respect to the people that had to do things the hard way before you. We’ve paved the way for you to now open up your laptop, beg for music and slam records the whole night for your $50 and a beer. You really need to rerank before I tell the truth and hurt some feelings. If you dont feel mad when you read this then this doesn’t apply to you but, if you’re feeling some way then read it again……and I say this with the love of God……….

    1. I under stand yo pain bro. BUt lets face it the purpose of a dj is to push a artist career a new artist. IF you feel the djs on this list cant blend yatta then show them how. I’m sick and tired of us old school djs, bashing the new generation. If yall not about to show the new djs how to be a dj then shut the fuck up complaining cuz its ur fault and your part of the problem. you know how hard it was for us to get in our spots and learn shit so why make it harder for the new comers. Not saying we shoulld give them everything but we should take the time out our days and show them.

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