Month: December 2012

JoJo Capone @globalgangsters @ActLikeItEnt interview with the #JayDavisShow

Checkout our lasted interview with JoJo Capone & @globalgangsters. Be on the look out for Part II of the interview

A Message to Chicago and the Chicago Industry from @LowEnd47th

Chief keef got on and da world started Lookin at Chicago like we da next ATL! But one thing about the comparison is always ignored. LOVE! Atlanta flourished becuz the industry within the city of ATL gave artist a chance instead of waitin to see the publics reaction b4 assisting the artist! This is the reason why ATL stayed relevant for so long! ACT after ACT after ACT kept dropping! But da CHICAGO seen is not like that! This “IF YOU START BUZZING THEN WE FUCK WIT U” mentality is hindering our growth. Now with the disappointing albums sales of keef and cancled tour dates WE COULD BE LOSING THE GRIP WE THOUGHT WE WERE GAINING ON THE RAP WORLD. SUPPORT OUR ARTIST!! Good or bad anybody has the potential to record a hit! So encourage instead of discourage or this NEWLY FOUND ATTENTION WILL B GONE AS FAST AS IT CAME! Chicago or NOTHING!!!
Ps… This ain’t about me. It’s about my city!